Quantum Sound Session

The most important thing to understand about Quantum Sound Therapy is that this process accelerates your personal growth and transformation. The unwanted “stuff” which has become stuck to your emotional body, as a result of carrying old stress habits, patterns, and beliefs, is dissolved into frequencies by releasing that which is not truly you, you become freed to deepen into more of your human potential, accelerating your self-actualization.

And it’s as easy as listening to your own unique-to-you balancing frequencies.

My approach to a typical Quantum Sound Session is unique to what is normally done. In a private session with me, you get to experience your personal Soul Tones (created using your own voice), played through the Miracle iQube. Allowing you to be fully immersed in a coherent field of Scalar Energy with your tones imprinted into it. This allow every cell of your body to be imprinted with you vibrational frequencies, while listening to your tones at the same time. The unique part of your session is that you will be experience all this in a Nubian mediation pyramid. You can read more about Pyramid Power activation here.

A typical session will last about 60 minutes. For first-time clients, a session is anything from 90-120 minutes. The extra time is to used to address any issues/concerns you may have, and to give a brief info session on the technologies used. 

Structured water is provided before and after the session. You will can also purchase separately you own 8 oz bottles of Structured water for your own use at home.

You will get a copy of your Soul Tones emailed to you after your session. You will receive two versions of your Soul Tones, one which I call the raw tones and the other which I call compiled. The raw tones has no overlays of Solfeggio frequencies added. The compiled version of your Soul Tones will have 2 Solfeggio frequencies as background tracks. These frequencies will be based on your Voice Analysis Chart.

I will do a Intuitive mini-reading of your Voice Analysis before you listen to your Soul Tones played through the Miracle iQube. 

If you have any jewellery that you wear or crystals, you can bring that with your so it can be imprinted while you listen to your tones.

While you listen to you tones, I will be holding space you. 

Quantum SoundPrice
Private Session$135.00
Private Session without Structured Water$100.00
Group Session (3-20)$25.00
Soul Tones$40.00
Structured Water$35.00


Quantum Sound Session
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