Success through Conscious Awareness

by | Apr 24, 2019 | Quantum Intuitive Coaching, Spirituality | 0 comments

Sometimes it seems like we are going through our days on autopilot, not really putting any conscious thought into what we do. It’s like driving to work on the same route every day. Our body and mind become a habit that requires no conscious thought. We get in the car and drive like a robot with a preprogrammed destination. Only to get there without any memory of the drive. How many of you live life in this manner, in minimal conscious awareness?

We have several layers of conscious awareness that we operate from. One sphere of Mind, our objective mind is how we perceive our physical world, which is our perceptual awareness. How we see and identify with the world around us; how we react or respond to situation and events, etc. In psychology they bridge the perceptual and introspective awareness as how we operate. The introspective is how we think, analyze, make decisions, etc. All while using our 5 senses, or sensory awareness.

Our other sphere of mind is our subconscious, or subjective mind, this is where our autopilot programming is stored. These programming are called habits. Our subjective mind is not an analytical one, it does not argue or debate a situation it simply runs programs based on what is happening. Like a smoker, they automatically feel that if they have a cigarette in a certain situation it will bring some kind of pleasure – automatic response.

Conscious awareness is vital to any success we desire in life. It’s not just about what we think, it is also of what we feel. It is to be consciously aware (being present) of what is going on in our head as well as what is happening in our body and our environment. The moment our work/job/life becomes automatic programs we start to get the feeling of being lost, we get bored, and our soul starts to yearn for more in life than just the same mundane repetition.

I studied some of the great successful men like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, even Donal Trump and many others. These men kept their minds sharp, always look for ways to increase their wealth through constant movement. They were/are consciously looking for new ways to take what they had/have and increase it’s worth/value, expanding as if there are no boundaries.

We certainly cannot succeed on the journey of life if we are not conscious of where we are or what we are doing. Yes certain things must become automatic, like professional athlete, a musician, even a factory worker, but do you know the moment they master the technique they start to loose consciousness of what they are doing, the body becomes a robot and simply use muscle memory to do the task. It becomes an unconscious task. Don’t make your tasks become unconscious actions. Get present with it, feel it, see it, pay attention to your surroundings, people, etc. This is how you stay connected to body, mind and soul; this is when you are most creative; this when you use your power, your awareness, your control. This is when you start to build success through conscious awareness.